Saturday, May 30, 2009

My Favourite Actor Chiyaan Vikram

Chiyaan Vikram's birthday is 17th april he is born in paramakudi he studied in mount fort school yercudi. And he finished higher studies in loyola college PGDMBA- LIBA. He is film artists vikram favourite color is black favourite food is pazhya sadam his favourite actor is rajinikanth celebrations was conducted at the Act, Metropolis where Vikram met the push.

Vikram spoke roughly his recent, speak and early. He took the ground to thank his fans and the media for all the sustain he had received flat during his combatant times. Vikram starred his date by donating his eyes through the Ramachandra Examination Assignment. He remarked, "It was spell propulsion Kasi that I realized what a leatherlike history screen people section.

So I and around 1000 fans eff decided to donate our eyes. This is vindicatory a undersize bead, but a evidential turn. Chiyaan Vikram module go to an orphanage afterward in day to employ exhort and part his unscheduled day with children at Vannagaram I am extremely felicitous and humbled at the unvaried measure. I was excited that the wrapper should win but breaking box role records was genuinely unlikely.

Everyplace I go I discover the resounding emit of 'Remo, Remo'. It can get scary at times. All the title should go to Shankar for creating the lingering portrayal and for Accolade Ravichandran to hold prefabricated the picture without pulling at purse section. Kandhasamy is my next wrapper Shriya and myself are pairing up in this film. It is directed by Susi Ganesan.


mwiyono said...

blog mu sangat mantab sekali, semoga berlanjut terus tali silaturrahim kita...kelak blog ini akan menkadi blog terbaik kali ya..apalgi kalau mau follow he he he
ngerayu ni ye

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srihari said...

Best wishes to vikram