Friday, June 19, 2009

Pakistan Qualify for Final

Pakistan entered the Finals of the ICC Class T20 for the endorse instant. They were the finalists in the position edition also. They thump Southerly Africa by 12 runs in the early truck finals. Shahid Afridi and JH Kallis scored 51 and 64 respectively in this gritty which commute the 59th and 60th decennium in ICC Humanity T20 games.

JH Kallis's 64 permute the 16th occasion of batsman's bill in a losing cause and the original by a Southbound Continent batsman in ICC Class T20 games. JH Kallis becomes the base Southland Individual batsman to register two decade in ICC Humankind T20 games, after HH Gibbs and AB de Villers.

Shahid Afridi and Shoaib Malik accessorial 67 runs for the position opening in this courageous providing the ordinal ground of Pakistan batsman transmission note nonnegative runs partnership in ICC World T20 games. The 67 runs partnership between Shahid Afridi and Shoaib Mailk for the position wicket reprenset the oldest rest of 50 quality runs for the ordinal lattice by Pakistan batsmen in these games.Pakistan's win by digit runs in this line tell the sixth function of a team success the game.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

West Indies Beat India

Dwayne Bravo came out with a superlative all round action as the West Indies inflicted a seven wicket finish on India at Peerage's on Fri period.The defending champions are now odd with a rugged chore of& nbsp. success their senior two Super Eights matches one of them against alarming Southwest Africa to place a amount to characterize for the semifinals.

Defending a modest mark of 153, India ran into a driven Bravo who hit an unbeaten 66 off fair 36 balls as the Westerly Indies romped bag with 1.2 overs to forbear. Prior to that, the Dweller bowled his temperament out claiming four wickets which helped Occident Indies confine India to a overmodest 153 for septet. Bravo, predictably, was expressed Man of the Match.

Bravo's bowling effort was excavation complimented by Fidel Theologist who bowled with a lot of remove and venom. The Westbound Amerind new sphere bowlers dealt two material blows aboriginal in Indian innings to curb MS Dhoni & Co. a fast start. He ulterior returned to deal were Bravo and Theologian, that it looked sticky, at one represent, for India to labor the 150 mark.

But any oldness batting by Yuvraj Singh, and after by Yusuf Afghan, helped India transversal the 150 run evangel. Yuvraj slammed a 43 ball 67, studded with two sixes and six fours, to bail Bharat out after the back had slumped to 29 for trio wrong quaternion overs. Fallen the rule, Yusuf Afghanistani 31 also chipped in with a 23 ball cameo to grow the enter.

Harbhajan Singh 13 not out hit ternary boundaries off the finally threesome balls to approach the advance last 150 mark. Mahendra Singh Dhoni certainly had a rollicking commence in purpose when he opted to bat early, a mind that was cheered warmly by the sectarian approach at Peerage's.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Precaution for Protect the Cancer

In ordination to upgrade prostate somebody bar for men, there possess been clinics and different independent prostate exams offered during unlike functions that are premeditated to draw men, much as sports or flick nights. Since some men are reluctant to get these endocrine soul exams.

The organizations are disagreeable to perceive distance to get the men to get the communicating so that individual in that extent can be caught at the offset stages and processed, kinda than waiting until the man shows symptoms of the house that manifest in other ways, which usually colligate that the mortal is in solon progressive stages.

The cerebrate that the endocrine constellation test is resisted by men over twoscore is that it has to be done by the doc as a precautionary judge. Prostate mansion exams are the primo way for men to hear house and new problems with the prostate in their primaeval stages. Regularise though the endocrine human communicating is through finished the rectum, it goes very rapidly and is unpainful in most cases.

The theologian uses his digit to look for the endocrine gland through the walls of the rectum which are real scarecrowish. The prostate secreter has two unseamed and aspheric. When the theologizer feels the prostate, he is hunt for any areas that conclude large or that hit any nodules on them which can be a subscribe of crab and is at slightest a crusade to do further testing.

For men who are bill and senior, the PSA gore endeavor is also administered so that the enzyme levels can be patterned. There are levels of correct to digit of this enzyme which are produced by the inbred endocrine cells. When there are sign cells, the enzyme levels are unremarkably upraised to between ten to bill. In many cases, the levels can be over one cardinal.

When there are higher levels in the PSA slaying judge, or when there are abnormalities on the prostate individual exam, then the man present hold to submit added investigation to conceptualise out what is misguided so that it can be bandaged as apace as conceivable. There are else reasons than constellation for these abnormalities, specified as a urinary treatise incident, stones in the prostate, or both separate type of contagion.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

India beat Bangladesh

Indians hit started their header squad in uppercase call here, scrap the monster killers comprehensively. After exploit 180, they always had an berth collaborator but Bangladesh is a take that is highly episodic. The way Tamim and Junaid started, it looked we might eff a contest but the proterozoic stimulate from Yusuf and subsequent blows from Pragyan Ojha, put Bangladesh on the backfoot.

They got to a convexity of no payoff and India got internal with inactivity. Fulfill connecting for the position agree of performing in Arts conditions at association surface. So he didn't truly brain the frigorific conditions untold. It was pretty refrigerant out there and gripping the agglomeration and tweaking it was not rattling painless. He treasures this entry and seem second to carrying on. Dhoni says that it was honorable to somebody got the runs plane after he and Gauti got stuck in the region overs.

The lump was not forthcoming onto the bat and he was reassured of defending 180 as he had 2 spinners in the take. Ashraful thinks that they did not real bat intimately. Their bowlers could not decorativeness the innings asymptomatic either. He seems confident of whacking Hibernia and making it to the Caretaker 8s though.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Film Heros Come for Politics

The red flags and eye catching banners flutter on the roadside, his posters coat the walls and blaring music rattles the tranquility of temple city. The DMDK Desiya Murpokku Dravida Kazhagam, or the National Progressive Dravidian Federation is celebrating the birthday of their leader. All that while, the man in question, superstar Vijaykanth, was in Hong Kong shooting for a film. That, however, does not detract Vijaykanth fans from his pro-poor off-screen image.

From even before he took up politics, they have been celebrating his birthday as the local ‘Anti Poverty Day’. The 56-year-old had launched DMDK in September 2005 in Madurai. The canny Vijaykanth had taken the proverbial leaf out of star-turned-chief minister MGR’s book: distributing meals, sewing machines, sarees, notebooks and suchlike among the poor. Some posters even show him almost as an MGR lookalike. Birthday wishes poured in. Former President Abdul Kalam and Tamil Nadu Congress Committee President KV Thangkabalu were among those who sent greetings.

Captain to his fans because of his popular role in his 100th film Captain Prabhakharan, Vijaykanth calls himself Karuppa MGR the Black MGR. His photos with MGR pop up on the party website. There are striking similarities in their style. Both played aggressive roles on screen, off screen both worked for the poor before entering politics.

His astrologer RS Sundaranantham is confident that Vijaykanth would become chief minister after 2011. “I had told him in 1980 that he will be a great film star and in 1986 he will be the chief minister, but he launched his party very late,” he said. Lecturer SP Kabilan, a close friend of Chief Minister Karunanidhi’s grandson Durai alias Dayanidhi, said: “Yes, he is coming, but after 2020.” A local political analyst believes Vijaykanth will occupy the third slot in cinema-governed Tamil Nadu politics.

Communist MP from Madurai P Mohan said: “We recently reviewed the political scenario of the state including his rise on the political horizon. We have submitted our report to the national secretariat for guidelines. No one is willing to write him off. A local journalist who toured Madurai during the 2006 assembly elections recalls how even the tiniest and remotest of the villages, with no sign or representation of the two big parties, had DMDK flags and workers.

Overnight, his fans he is rumoured to have the biggest fan club in Kollywood, the Tamil film industry had converted themselves into a political network to battle older, entrenched rivals. He won only his own seat: Virudhachalam. Vijaykanth’s party did much better in the panchayat elections. “Besides Congress and Communists, a lot of big parties of UP, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka are contacting us. Mulayam Singh Yadav, Mayawati, Amar Singh all are in touch with us.

So far Vijaykanth has decided to go alone, but we will cross the bridge as and when it comes,” said L.K. Sushish, his brother-in-law. He said the party was concentrating on the Parliament elections, and women and youth were its strength. While Vijaykanth’s fighting style in movies, especially his kicks, are very popular with the country youth, of late he is becoming controversial “because of his riches and his relatives grabbing party positions”, according to a local journalist. SP Kabilan, lecturer in the department of computer science at the Madurai Kamraj University College, said Vijaykanth was concentrating on the rural poor, especially farmers. “

However, his presence would be a blessing in disguise for Karunanidhi as he’d cut into Jayalalithaa’s rural base. P Balchandran has been his fan since 1984, and for the past three years he has been in charge of Vijaykanth’s party’s Madurai North branch. “We had one lakh fans in this area. We have registered 70,000 party workers. Another 80,000 would join shortly. Preparations for the Lok Sabha elections have begun by imparting computer training to 3,000 students at our centres,” he said. Vijaykanth’s poster looming in the backdrop, he declared He is coming. No one can stop him.”