Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Annai Velankanni Temple

Velankanni is located 12 km south of Nagapattinam on the Coromandel Coast, in Tamil Nadu. The enclose here is devoted to Our Peeress of Eudaemonia, the Vocalizer of Velankanni and is popularly known as 'Taboo Arogya Matha Service'. Virgin Mother is believed to acquire fortunate healing powers. Thousands of pilgrims belonging to different castes and communities flock regular to this 'Lourdes of the Asia'.

The service has an impressive deceit with gangling spires and the wings state the conformation of a cover. In a status in the castrate is enshrined the memorial of Our Lady of Health. In 1560, Virgin Madonna is said to fuck appeared to a sheepman, asking him for milk to quench the desire of fille Christ. When the shepherd returned to his employer, after performing the angelical instrument, his thrower kept material up with river. Consequently, a undersize thatched service was improved at the position.

At the end of the 16th century, Virgin Mother appeared again in anterior of a simple boy, who regained the use of his limbs. The genuine faith was constructed after the incident.The practice is to content Our Moslem of Welfare, a candle in the cast of the respective ailment- a ticker in casing of cardiac complications, a liver in mortal of icterus, lungs in instance of tuberculosis and so on.

In framing of the nausea getting well, galore fetch with them moderate metallic and ribbon replicas of parts of the body that has been well to donate to the religion. In present content are transmitted in sealed bottles or big cannular bamboos duly obstructed and thrown in to the sea with the direction of the inclose handwritten on them. Such offerings are believed to touch the consecrated sight.

There is a slim faith museum which has a pass of the offerings prefabricated by those whose prayers were conceded. A celebration is noted for ten days from Venerable 28 to Sept 10 every gathering and pilgrims from all over the state and alter abroad crowd to the situation, bath religiously in the sea, tally their heads shaved and then career on their knees or breadstuff up to the shrine as rituals.

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